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On Thursday, everyone is waiting for the results of the U.S.-China trade talks. So far, rumors about possible results are contradictory, the dollar on the background of this has become cheaper in pair with the euro.

Among the possible outcomes of the negotiation process are versions from the complete termination of contacts, to the conclusion of a "narrow" agreement to relieve the current tensions. Until we get clarity on this issue, the dollar is unlikely to rise.

Of Thursday's other events, we note mixed statistics for the UK. Good data on annual and quarterly GDP were offset by a decrease in manufacturing output.

The pound reacts poorly to macroeconomic statistics. The next talks between Boris Johnson and his Irish counterpart will take place soon - once again they will try to find a compromise on Brexit. The future of the pound largely depends on it.

EURUSD breaks resistance at 1.1000

On Thursday, the chart broke through the resistance in the form of a round level of 1,000. Next, we consider two options:

  • smooth correction to the broken level - you can open deals to buy. The global target is 1.1107;
  • The sharp return to the level of 1,1000 is a signal in favor of the fact that the bears repelled the onset of bulls. After fixing under the level sell with goals of 1.0940, 1.0904 and 1.0882.

Expect further weakening of the British pound

Yesterday, support stood at the level of 1.2200, on Thursday we see a restrained growth of the GBPUSD pair. Despite this, the priority of the sale, Consider 2 entry points:

  • breakdown of the lower boundary of the range of 1.2206-1.2387. After testing from the bottom level of 1.2206 can be sold, the benchmarks for take-profit - the level of 1.2103 and 1.1970;
  • further growth is limited to 1.2387. Here you can look for reversal patterns - a standard M-shaped figure or an extension of the upper boundary.

A scenario with a true breakout of the level of 1.2387 is unlikely.

The AUDUSD pair retains the probability of a downward movement

On H1 we see that the target in the form of the lower boundary of the range of 0.6674-0.6773 has not yet been worked out. Now the growth continues, it began at night on the news movement, but so far, the bear's scenario is not broken.

Possible entry points for the near future:

  • A true breakdown of resistance of .6773 - you can buy. The main target is 0.6882;
  • Expansion of the upper boundary - after returning to the level of 0.6773 justified sales with goals of 0.6711 and 0.6673;
  • It is possible to win back the impulse movement, at a false break out level of 0.6711 can be bought, the first target - the level of 0.6773.

According to USDJPY, the priority of long positions

On H4 it is clear that we are still in the stage of movement to the upper boundary of the zone 105.05-109.28. So far, there are no entry points to the market.

The priority scenario is the formation of a reversal pattern at the lower boundary of the local range of 106.62-108.42. On expansion or after the standard reversal model, you can buy with take-profits of 108.42 and 109.28.

Brent oil warranted purchases

We work on small timeframes. On the M30 we are interested in 2 ranges, now the chart is in the local trading 57.81-58.53, also the targets within the range of 57.51-59.25 have not yet been worked out.

Scenarios for purchases for the near future:

  • False support breakdown at 57.81;
  • Reversal after testing support at 57.51.

Sales, if worth considering, is only when testing from the bottom of the broken support at 57.81. Targets for short positions within 30 points.

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