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On Tuesday, pessimism returns to the markets. The likelihood of a hard Brexit is growing again, tensions between the US and China are growing, and on the eve of trade talks, this is a worrying thing.

On Tuesday, the GBPUSD pair at the moment decreased to 1.2208. The main reason for this is the uncertainty with Brexit, Boris Johnson managed to note a number of categorical statements. Earlier, he said that the EU must compromise, made it clear that he is not ready to compromise on Ireland. Although he says that technical negotiations are continuing, but there is no positive dynamics, it puts pressure on the pound.

Fears of a possible recession in the United States have increased. From today's speech Powell is expected hints of a possible rate cut in the near future.

On Tuesday, consider the following news:

  • 15:30 GMT - U.S. producer price index;
  • 20:50 GMT - speech by Jerome Powell, head of the US Federal Reserve.

EURUSD remains in a state of uncertainty

On Monday there was an expansion of the range on the hourly timeframe, now working with the zone 1.0961-1,1000. Scenarios remain the same:

  • in a false breakdown of the level of 1,1000 sell. If the lower boundary of the zone is broken 1.0961-1,1000, it will be possible to merge. The final sales target is 1.0883, with stops of 1.0942 and 1.0904 on the way down;
  • if you are pinned to the level of 1,1000 you can buy, the potential growth is limited to resistance by 1.1107, so that about 100 points on long positions can be taken.

We are counting on the growth of USDCAD pair

The Canadian paired with the US dollar has already managed to form an entry point for purchases on the extension of the lower boundary of the zone 1.3289-1.3345. The target for moving to the upper boundary of the range on H4 has not yet been worked out. So far, the bullish scenario is working out, but finally the probability of sales from the accounts is not discounted.

I consider two options:

  • resistance breakdown with a fastening of 1.3345. You can share in Buy and finally fix the profit at 1.3381;
  • 1.3289 support reversal and breakdown, after the consolidation under it opens the way to the next support at 1.3250.

Australian gets cheaper paired with US dollar

The movement of the AUDUSD pair in recent days is determined by the boundaries of the range of 0.6674-0.6772. At the time of the review, the movement towards the lower boundary of this area is developing.

I recommend looking for entry points on the M5-M15 timeframes. The lower boundary of the break-out zone 0.6744-0.6756 has now been breached, and the following scenarios are possible:

  • sales at 0.6744
  • return to the range and after pinning over the 0.6744 mark, the development of the upward movement;
  • further growth, breakdown and consolidation above resistance of 0.6756. On its retest you can share in Buy.

For purchases, the targets are 0.6756 and 0.6772. On sales, profits should be fixed at 0.6730, 0.6717 and further at levels. The final target is 0.6674.

On gold looking for an entry point for sales

The lower boundary of the 1495-1514 zone was breakdown. This situation has not been developed, there was no retest (entry point for sales), no expansion of the zone. Bearish scenario is still a priority, looking for termination zones on the M5-M15 timeframes and working with them.

We are waiting for the formation of the termination zone and consider the following scenarios:

  • The breakdown of the upper boundary with the consolidation of it - buy with a goal of 1514;
  • The breakdown of the lower boundary with the consolidation under it - sales;
  • False breakdown of the upper boundary - sales.


Horizon X strategy will require a minimum of effort from you. If you work with 15-20 tools, it will take no more than 2 hours to analyze the market per day. At the same time, you will receive several reliable signals every day with a chance of working out above 70%. It is impossible to merge the deposit if the rules are followed.

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