"Horizon X" Special Course: welcome to a new era of Price Action! This trading system includes more than 10 patterns, clear rules for entering/exiting the market and managing positions.

The course will provide:

  • Maximum profits in trading

You'll get an algorithm for detecting all profitable entry points. This algorithm will provide 50 to 180 pips of profit trading intraday. Medium-term trading will bring you 200 to 500 pips.

The algorithms of risk-free overclocking will take your profit to the level of 310%+ to the deposit.

  • Lots of free time

You'll no longer need to spend hours in front of the monitor to wait for an entry point to appear. “Horizon X” will save your time – market analyzing will take no more than a few minutes.

That is how long it will take to analyze the necessary currency pairs and open a deal. No more waiting for a perfect deal on one single pair.

  •  Psychological comfort

Being confident about getting profit in any case makes you feel much better and reduces psychological pressure. In addition, due to the new rules of working with stops we'll get rid of slight trading risks that still exist.

System 3 in 1. This system is relevant for scalper, Intraday and long-term traders! Besides, no matter which of these approaches you decide to apply, your trading risks will tend to zero.

When acquiring "Horizon X" special course, the student gets access to 13 private lessons, which include theoretical and practical training. The training implies doing homework that will be checked by a practicing trader, including analysis of mistakes made.