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"Horizon X" Special Course - a new era of Price Action! This trading system includes more than 10 patterns, clear rules for entering/exiting the market and managing positions. The benefits: Maximum profits...

Simple Money Making Strategy Part II

Dear Traders, My name is Ludovico Romano and today I will share with you how it is possible to make lucrative and steady profits with a simple scalping trading technique. I truly... Read more

Day Trading Stocks: Easy Way How to Make a Living.

Through my trading career I was applying a various type of strategies on various markets. I have been scalping futures based on a tape reading technique, I have been trading Price Action... Read more

Money making simple method

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Why you should be interested in cryptocurrencies? Trader’s point of view…

It has been more than a decade since the Bitcoin was introduced to the world. Cryptocurrency industry rapidly grew and the same the price of Bitcoin. When the public sale was launched... Read more

Trading by Horizon X strategy against the crowd

Good afternoon, dear traders! Global imbalance levels provide quite a lot of money. Indeed, during the periods GILs (global imbalance levels) are being formed the market gets out of balance, and the... Read more

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"Horizon X" Special Course: welcome to a new era of Price Action! This trading system includes more than 10 patterns, clear rules for entering/exiting the market and managing positions. The course will... Read more

Forex accumulation periods as a source of profit

Trading trends is considered to be most profitable, and all traders want the price to grow or drop as long as possible. Yet, any strong movement has certain periods when the market... Read more

Taming the stock market - recent deals' analysis

Hello, dear friends! For some reason, many traders consider working on the stock market to be more complicated compared to Forex. Most probably, it's due to the fact that one needs to... Read more

Horizon X Trend Line break

Trend trading is the most profitable option on any asset. It is necessary to identify the start and, more importantly, the end of the trend – where all classical trading strategies advise... Read more

Proper scalping automation

Scalping technique is highly popular among novice traders. Everyone wants to make money fast without getting into deep market analyzing. But the simple is not always best. Watch our video to learn... Read more

"Square 9" by William Gann - looking into the future and making money

Like anyone else, stock traders are willing to “look into the future”, as a plenty of technical indicators and chart patterns available provides sense of trading decisions' correctness. One of the most... Read more

Ten solid arguments in “Horizon X" favor

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Gaining profit on Horizon X patterns

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Trading signals for 19th April

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