Profitable Forex strategies, that withstood the test of time

What is Horizon Pro?

Horizon Pro is a new strategy based on Price Action patterns. This system has been tested for many years by professional traders that have been trading for 10+ years and were trading for 5+ years at proprietary trading desk. You will see how to get easy, stable profit with minimizing the Risk as professional! Working On The ALL Markets and Timeframes. Scalpers, Day Traders, and Swing Traders are all going to make HUGE profits with The Horizon Pro!
Discover the intricate and interesting world of Forex with us, and we will make the chart work for you!

Our coaches

Market experience: 7 years
Teaches: “Horizon for beginners”, “Horizon Pro”

“I always learn new investment strategies. In teaching, I put emphasis on technical aspects of trading systems and psychology of trading. Since 2012, I have worked in prop-trading company, traded at NYSE, NASDAQ. At the moment I specialise in day-trading at stock market and Forex”

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