Greetings, dear friends!

The week proved to be successful. Monday through to Thursday 10 profitable deals were made. A couple of stops have worked out, but the loss on them turned out to be minor.

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Tuesday deals:

The week has started with a series of profitable deals:

  • USDCAD - signal working out wasn't fast, however 17 pips were earned at a rebound from trading zone at a risk of 9 pips;
  • NZDUSD - pattern No.3 has worked out quite well. Support has been tested, take profit level has been reached later on. The deal provided profit of 6 pips, risk made up 5 pips. Around midnight stop level was tested.
  • EURJPY - the signal was received in the evening, and it has worked out before the end of the day. Rebound from resistance in the form of the trading zone lower border provided profit of 18 pips. There was no movement towards stop of 8 pips; the pattern worked out perfectly;
  • CADCHF - the signal was received on Tuesday, but the profit on the deal was taken on Wednesday. Take profit of 12 pips didn't work out, 4 pips of profit were gained by the Safe rule. Properly placed stop made up 8 points; the chart failed to reach it;
  • CADCHF - another signal for this pair was received in the morning of the same day. The working out scheme was about the same - one third of the expected profit was taken by the Safe rule - 7 pips were earned. Stop-loss made up 7 pips as well;
  • AUDNZD - resistance has worked out perfectly. Immediately upon pending order activation, movement in the necessary direction has taken place. As a result, 15 pips of profit were gained at a risk of 7 pips.

Wednesday signals:

There were just 2 deals in the middle of the week:

  • AUDUSD - pattern No.3 has worked out by the end of the day. 10 pips were gained by take profit at the rebound from the trading zone. Stop made up 7 pips, but the price didn't manage to cover even a third of the distance towards it;
  • EURUSD - retest of uncertainty zone broken through the day before took place in the afternoon, and signal to sell was received. Take profit of 17 pips was reached on the same day. Risk didn't exceed 12 pips.

Trading on Thursday

In addition to the standard Horizon X strategy patterns working out, there was the situation of re-entering the market on Thursday:

  • EURGBP - an entry point in the form of chart's rebound from the trading zone lower border was received in the morning. Stop of 10 pips didn't work out; movement towards take profit has taken place later on, which provided profit of 23 pips;
  • GBPNZD - the situation of re-entering the market; at first, stop of 15 pips was received. Then the minimum of the previous day was tested, and reversal W-shaped pattern was formed. Local imbalance level was broken through upwards, and there was a possibility to re-enter the market at the moment retest was taking place. As a result, the chart has reached the target level, and this provided 61 pips of profit at a risk of 19 pips.

As for stops in other pairs - there were no strong signals to re-enter the market, such situations are not taken into account. The total loss due to stops made up 30 pips, at the same time there was a possibility to earn 170 pips. Losses were covered with more than fivefold margin, and the net profit made up 140 points (excluding Friday).

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