Hello, fellow traders!

The week is ending and we are about to draw the line under Horizon X trading for the previous several days. The week had a promising start in terms of successful trades. A few triggered stops didn’t disrupt the overall result. Put your business aside and join our review of entries.

The November contest of demo-accounts ended a few days ago and the winners received their deserved rewards. This time the winner increased his deposit by 2.05 times and earned $250, the first 10 participants also received some money prizes. The list of winners is here.

I’m certain that the contenders employed some Horizon X techniques. It happened at October contest, the winner increased his deposit by 6 times in large part thanks to this system.

I want to highlight that you can also start Horizon trading simply by leaving the e-mail. I cannot guarantee that you will repeat the winner’s result, but you will definitely stop losing money.

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Currency market

We have 6 reviews on this market:

  • NZDUSD – the bullish signal appeared on Monday afternoon. We got the usual M1 profit – 11 pips against the 9-pip stop-loss;
  • GBPNZD – this cross duplicated the development on NZDUSD. Pattern #5 worked and we got 33 pips of profit, the stop was 25 pips. An excellent result for M1;
  • A signal appeared on EURJPY on Monday afternoon, but it worked only on Tuesday. The trade was negative for 20-23 pips but the stop was 35 pips and the chart couldn’t trigger it. The TP worked closer to the American opening and we earned 36 pips here;
  • NZDCAD – the bearish pattern began to work on Wednesday. The stop was 11 pips, but the chart immediately went down after touching the broken zone and reached the take-profit at the end – we earned 31 pips here;
  • GBPCHF – our forecast was for Friday, but the trade occurred very fast, the price reversed on Thursday afternoon, re-tested the broken zone and reached the TP. We earned 25 pips from this long trade. The stop was 16 pips;
  • CADCHF – the trade was expected on Friday,but an entry formed on Thursday afternoon and ended in half an hour. The development was 100% identical to GBPCHF. We earned 17 pips, the stop was 10 pips.

Commodities and raw materials

Review of 4 entries:

  • WTI – on Tuesday the chart broke out of the swing zone, but the final trade condition appeared on Wednesday morning. You could enter a short trade on a lower margin retest. The stop was above the High and was 74 pips – the chart reached the TP very fast, the profit was 90 pips;
  • An unusual development occurred on ITX stocks. Our scenario implied a long trade after the chart touches the upper margin of the second swing zone. But the trading session closed at that level and then the market opened with a gap. If you placed a delayed order, then it should have triggered at the opening price, meaning that your long trade was more profitable. The 44-pip TP didn’t trigger, but the rule of Safe allowed us to earn 14 pips. The remaining trade closed with a no-loss;
  • BMW – luckily, the price didn’t trigger the stop. After a short entry appeared, the chart continued to grow and tested the ighHighHigh of pattern #5 – the stop was only 1-2 pips above. After that the price reached the take-profit and we earned 69 pips. Although we actually risked losing 24 pips from this trade;
  • A limited growth of Boeing stocks allowed us to earn 179 pips using rule of Safe. Initially the stop was 348 pips, and the remaining half of the trade closed with a no-loss.


We reviewed 10 entries that could let you get profit, if you follow our analytics. Aside from them, two stops were also triggered – on Brent and Sugar. It means that Horizon X win rate has been 83.33% this week.

Concerning the profit, the lost pips were entirely covered by the successful trades on the same day. On Friday you can get more profit from a few trades, so the result isn’t final.

If something is not clear in our analytics or you have questions about patterns – it is all due to the lack of knowledge. You can change that by completing Horizon X training. We recommend starting with a free basic training course – click the link below, leave your e-mail and we will send you the video lessons.

Get free basic Horizon X training course here

You can ask questions and share your trading results in the comments. Goodbye everyone, see you next week.