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In our traditional weekly review we study the entries based on our daily analytics. It is a solid proof that Horizon X is an efficient trading system and a good aid to those who haven’t signed up for training yet, but get profit using the trading signals we provide. Join the review right now!

Today the second Forex Academy demo-account contest ends. The trader who shows the biggest growth of their deposit will be declared winner.

It is interesting to mention that winners said they had used Forex Academy free analytics in their trading. Which is yet another proof that Horizon X is working and fits any trading style.

I cannot guarantee that you will immediately begin earning $1000/month, but it would be unwise not to test Horizon X, especially if you do not have to pay anything for the basic version – we provide it for free. We send the video lessons to your e-mail, that you can leave via the link below. After completing the free course, you can decide if the trading system is worth paying for the full training.

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Trading results on currency market

We will split entries into currency and the rest. Let’s start with the currency market:

  • NZDUSD – the long entry appeared after the chart touched the swing zone. The price swung a few pips away from the stop. On Tuesday the rule of Safe worked, and we earned 13 pips, and on Wednesday the chart finally reached the TP and the second half provided 39 pips of profit;
  • AUDCAD – the trade complied with our forecast. The TP provided 17 pips, the stop was only 11 pips. An entry appeared after the price touched the resistance;
  • NZDUSD – you could enter the short trade on Wednesday morning. An entry appeared at night, but if you placed a delayed order, then it should have worked. The TP was 9 pips, which is a norm for M1, considering that the trade didn’t move into drawdown;
  • NZDCHF – a short entry on this instrument appeared near simultaneously with NZDUSD. Our profit was 10 pips, and it was a precision trade – the chart swung immediately after it reached the TP.

That is all for currency market.

Stocks and commodities

Another 4 entries appeared here:

  • An entry appeared on Brent on Wednesday. It was important to put an SL properly (67 pips). If you placed it loosely, then the chart couldn’t have reached it and provided 71 pips of profit;
  • on the same day another entry appeared on this chart, a long one this time. The price didn’t reach the TP, but the rule of Safe worked here. As a result, we earned 21 pips from half the trade. The rest closed by a no-loss;
  • we could enter the long trade on Heating Oil on Wednesday after the chart touched the broken support. This scenario implied the test of the recent high, but the trade was only partially profitable. The profit from half the trade was 44 pips, the stop was 110 pips. The remaining trade closed by a stop-loss;
  • American Express Co. provided trade opportunities this week. After breaking the resistance, the chart moved far away, but eventually touched the broken zone and provided an entry. We should have acted fast, as in 12 minutes you should have closed the first half of the trade using the rule of Safe. The profit was 30 pips, the stop was 77 pips, but we moved it to no loss. Only then the trade was profitable.

The profit from trades is smaller than in our previous reviews, but it can be explained by the timeframe on which the entries appeared. 50+ pips movement are much rarer on M1 than on M15.

Horizon X is a reliable multipurpose strategy, which can allow you to get profit even on M1. The examples above are proof of that.

By the way, the rules are the same regardless of what timeframe you are trading on. You can learn more by singing up for our Horizon X training course. I also recommend clicking the link below where you can leave your e-mail and receive free video lessons.

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