Hello, dear friends!

There are in total 8 deals that have worked out this week, which is an excellent result for 4 days of trading. Todays’ review includes results of forecasts published on the website and signals provided by market video reviews of Yan Sikorski. Since the forecasts were issued in advance, each signal provided could be taken into work.

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Overview of signals that have worked out

There were 5 entry points that worked out during the week:

  • GBPNZD - entry point for buying was received on Monday. A conservative deal (global imbalance within support segment), one should have entered the market with the usual volume. Both take profits were reached on Tuesday, which provided profit of 50 and 150 pips;
  • CHFJPY – retest of imbalance which was broken through downwards took place on Tuesday evening. Just the first take profit has worked out so far, which provided 33 pips of profit. The deal is still in the market, stop is at breakeven (initially it made up 33 pips). Most of the distance to the 2nd take profit has already been covered, but there was a strong retracement, so closing residual by take profit is not guaranteed;
  • EURGBP - reversal bearish pattern has worked out partially. The first take profit provided 25 pips of profit. The chart still fails to break through support in the area of 0.8880; if the residue is not yet closed on breakeven, then one can manually fix profits for the remaining half of the volume;
  • AUDCHF - the first take profit of 20 pips has finally been reached. The rest of the deal is closed by stop at breakeven. When entering the market, stop made up 20 pips. The signal was quite aggressive, so was the working out - the result is good;
  • GBPCAD - bullish signal working out has taken several days. Global imbalance broken through at the beginning of the week was tested only on Thursday. The first target was reached on the same day, which provided a profit of 66 pips. There was no risk of stop of 66 pips working out, the 2nd half is not closed yet.

Signals by Yan Sikorsky

The below deals are based on video reviews:

  • Intel - mid-term forecast working out has started. The review covered aggressive purchases from support of about $43.00 per share. The target level is the mark of $ 50.00, and the chart has already covered half this distance. The support is very strong, it hasn't been broken through since 2017, and there's no reason to drop below this level at the moment;
  • GBPUSD - 2 forecasts worked out perfectly for this pair on Tuesday. First, false breakout of support at 1.2675 has taken place, then resistance at 1.2702 was broken through followed by consolidation. Both signals were considered in the forecast the day before. Provided profit was fixed at the level of 1.2716, profit of 41 and 14 pips was received with stops of 9 and 8 pips respectively.


As of Thursday, the deals that have worked out have provided 399 pips of profit. This result does not include profits received on Intel shares, although the deal is already in the black. We've got another day ahead, which means that couple more entry point may work out. Recent weeks summaries clearly demonstrate that market reviews are as useful as regular trading recommendations.