Greetings, fellow traders!

The best criteria of efficiency of a trading system is the long-term profit/loss ratio. Aside from that, such parameters as drawdown, profit, impact on deposit, losing/profitable trades ratio are considered.

Horizon system is second-to-none by all these parameters. The win rate of some of our trainees is up to 90% or higher. They achieve that because they trade only solid signals. Druing the long years of monitoring the market, our traders managed to single out a number of distinctive chart movements, that point to its future behaviour, be it a swing or an SR break.

You can make sure of this approach, if you follow our daily analytics for a few weeks and compare to what actually is happening on the charts. In the end of the trading week, we publish the review of entries, and you can compare these results with your own trades.

Many our trainees started their trading like that. First they followed our analytics, got interested and downloaded a free training course (follow the link below), and then signed up for Horizon X training course. You can follow into their footsteps.

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Entries on EURUSD

Two entries have appeared on this pair this week, both of them long. Both the targets were over 30 pips, the profit/loss ratio was in our favour, so we could trade them.

The first trading opportunity appeared on Tuesday and according to our forecast:

  • a false support break occurred;
  • on the next candle, the chart pulled back inside it and moved north. A W-pattern formed and an entry appeared;
  • our long profit was 34 pips. We placed our stop under the nearest low – it was 18 pips.

The next day another entry appeared, it was a scenario that we mentioned in our forecast:

  • No false break occurred here, a W-pattern formed within the support zone;
  • After we got confirmation, we entered a long trade with a 30-pips TP and 24-pips SL.

You could have noticed that the second trade was smaller, and later the support was broken. In such cases, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of a bounce entry formation.

A perfect development is a pattern with a false break of a level. Usually the price reacts strongly to the support or resistance. The examples above prove that.

A trade on USDJPY

We got the most profitable trade of the week on this pair. We got this opportunity on Wednesday and it was in accordance with our forecast.

On the picture above:

  • An extended false support break occurred. After a candle with a lon wick formed and the chart attempted to trend below the resistance, we realised that the move down wouldn’t last and we can switch to long trades;
  • We placed our stop below the nearest support – it was 23 pips;
  • We took part of profit here. The first take-profit was at the nearest local resistance at 111.33 (highs of the previous day). The first half of profit was 22 pips;
  • You should have put the rest of the trade on a trailing stop and waited till the end of the day.

If you calculate the profit considering partial TP, it is (22 + 88)/2 = 55 pips of a normal lot.


Despite the fact that the markets did not behave perfectly, we closed 3 trades with profit. Simply following our analytics you could have earned 34 + 30 + 55 = 119 pips. Some may think it is a moderate result, but keep in mind that you didn’t have to do anything, but follow the charts. If you monitor 5-10 pairs, you can get 2-3 times more entries.

To trade successfully by the Horizon TS, you need to study its basics at least. Do not miss our offer and download the free basic trading system.

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That is all for this review. Hope you managed to trade all these entries, they could give you at least 100 pips of profit.