Greeting, dear traders!

Let's take a short break from your daily routine, open your trading terminals and summarize the past week. Check out your positions according to the trades listed below. Ideally, they should correspond in at least 70-80% of cases; as there's a time reserve, the signals shouldn't be missed.

Our trading recommendations execution

As Wednesday was a day off, the number of signals generated was somewhat less than usual:

GBPJPY - the best deal of the week; imbalance was within the support segment, so we were working with a regular lot. Both take-profits were executed, which provided 66 and 198 pips of profit. Movement in the necessary direction has evolved immediately, there was no chance of reaching stop;

  • copper - the forecast was executed partially. The first take profit provided 30 pips of profit; there's a chance of reaching the second target, which will bring another 90 pips. When rebounding from global imbalance the signal was intensified by a candle with a long lower shadow;
  • sugar - deal's execution wasn't perfect. The chart has accurately tested stop-loss level, then the reversal took place, and the first target was reached - this provided 18 pips of profit. Brokers' quotes differ by 1-2 points, so some traders could have got stop’s execution.
  • GBPCHF - the deal is still open; there was an unsuccessful attempt to reach the first take profit. Leave the position open, there's still a chance to earn at least 45 pips on the first target; in case the scenario is executed in full, we'll get another 135 points.

Market video reviews’ results

Here, the results are quite positive as well:

  • BTCUSD – there was a reaction to the level of support. The deal was executed partially; 50% of volume was closed by the Safe rule - Bitcoin has grown by $600, and there's a chance of further growth and the recent maximum’ testing. 
  • gold - the situation is similar to the one of Bitcoin. There was a reaction to the support, where from one could open deals to buy. The nearest target is located at the mark 1450.00, a large number of sellers are present here, so the entire volume can be closed. The deal is in the black so far; testing of a recent high has taken place;
  • coffee - one of the old trading scenarios was executed. Strong resistance was located in the area of 115.00, one could have opened short positions from that point. Reversal pattern has been formed; the signal was aggressive, therefore one should have entered in a small lot. The deal has been executed partially, and this provided 250 pips of profit. Further on, the level 115.00 has been tested, a rebound from this level is expected by the end of the week.

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