That is the question we hear quite a lot from our readers.

“Why do you teach? If you get sustainable profit from trading, why don’t you simply concentrate on that and earn a decent living?”

This particular question and many its iterations encouraged me to write this article. Here I will mention 4 reasons, why we sign up and train traders.

Some reasons are on the surface and obvious to everyone. Some reasons may be quite surprising, because you may have never considered them.

You won’t hear tales of altruism or philanthropy – only facts and objective judgement

Read the article to the end and you will see why a trainee-trader is as important to his coach-trader, as a coach for a trainee.

This is particularly true for individual training. You can learn more about individual result-aimed training during a free trial session with any of our traders.

Leave us an application via the link below. Our manager will contact you and sign up for a session. All individual classes are held via Skype at any suitable time.

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Through teaching you learn yourself

Perhaps it is the main reason. It is obvious. A famous saying goes: “If you can’t explain what you know to another person, then you actually don’t know it”.

When we train other traders, we ourselves better understand the market and its participants.

Every trainee is unique to us. Each has their starting knowledge. Everyone learns at various speed. Everyone adapts to the market differently. Therefore, everyone requires individual approach.

That is why when our trainees succeed as traders, it means we succeed as coaches.

You learn something new by sharing your knowledge

Not the most obvious reason. We don’t know how or why this “mechanism” works, but it really works! Maybe because it embodies the principle “Give what you want to receive”.

When we share our skills and knowledge with our trainees during training, we get new knowledge ourselves.

Countless trading ideas, modified trading strategies, optimised trading advisors have appeared across the years of training. And for that we have to thank all of you, our dear trainees.

The ultimate creation of Forex Academy is our signature Horizon X training course. Our trainees have participated in creating and testing it.

To sign up for Horizon X you just need to follow the link and leave an application.

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You value what you pay for

It is not clear to all people, so let’s talk a bit about our training fees.

Many of you know that we offer both free and paid training. Furthermore, the number of free content we offer is increasing.

For instance, we share our best analytical Horizon trading system. After years of practice, we have perfected it and made it easy to comprehend. Now any person, be it a school pupil or a professor can learn this system themselves and start getting regular profit at Forex.

You can get 10 Horizon video lessons for free. Just leave your e-mail and we will send you these lessons. You will receive the first video immediately after you enter your e-mail.

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As you see, we are ready to share our best product with you.

However, our generousity is sometimes at odds with reality. Majority of people do not appreciate what they get for free. That is why I would like you to remember these simple rules:

  • Watch every Horizon video attentively. Don’t fast-forward or rewind it to find certain technique. Horizon is a solid integrated system. If you want to get regular profit, you need to study the whole strategy. It’s true that you can start earning after the first 3 videos. But first you must watch and study these 3 videos!
  • If you have questions about Horizon trading system, join our free webinars. We hold them every Wednesday for those who study our free basic Horizon. These webinars specifically target Horizon trading system.
  • Do not invent the wheel! Horizon encompasses everything. Don’t experiment with this trading strategy! At least until you learn to get regular profit with it.

What concerns our paid courses – the fees are much smaller that the profit you will get after you complete them. Nearly all our students agree with it.

Visit our website, click on “Strategies” and choose the training that fits you personally. Our managers can help you with any issue.

Together we are strong!

This is reason 4 in our list. But in terms of importance, it should definitely stand on the 1st place.

We believe that our trainees are part of our big friendly team of Forex Academy traders.

Many of them are accomplished professional traders now. Some of them have even created their own training courses and successfully train other traders.

We keep in touch with many our graduates. We share ideas and trading experience. We grow and develop together.


Actually, there are many more reasons why we teach - I simply mentioned the most important of them. We would like to hear your opinion: do you think a novice trader needs a coach? Why, why not?

Tell us in the comments, it helps us develop and improve our training courses.

Wish you successful trades! Be well!