From All the features of this system the we’ve discussed, a list of advantages becomes apparent.


First off, It’s universal

It’s built on finding big player, and big players exist in every single market be that forex, stocks or whatever else, so using horizon will yield the same results on any market


As I’ve said, this system have high precision patterns, which allows for a short stop. What does that give you? It gives you incredibly wing-clipped risks in trading it rockets you risk-reward ratio all the way up in your favor. As you saw in the previous examples, some deals where 1 to 8, a few all the way up to 1 to 30. Basically, profit is almost guaranteed.

Market Control

You know who’s controlling the price direction, so you know the trend with something like 95% accuracy, and if u know that, you can you bigger volumes, which, of course, increases your profit. So you can inflate you deposit without increasing risks.


You can use any time frame, from M1 to D1, which, apart from being convenient, lend to there being more opportunities for trades, and thus profit, even though the principal behind the trades is the same across all timeframes


It really is very simple, and doesn’t have any unnecessary overcomplications, that many systems do. It’s built on 3 simple steps, Find the big players, find who’s dominant, use patterns for entry. This means anyone can learn this.  

I rest my case. Thank you for reading and have a good day.