Hello, friends! This article is for you if you are new to trading and don’t know where to start.

Today we’ll tell you the story of our student who has finished our free course not so long ago

You can continue training by the link below. The course consists of 5 lessons, 4 of them are theory and 1 lesson is practice. After finishing this course you will learn not only trading basics but a strategy for overclocking a deposit!

But let’s go back to our student’s story.

Valery is a focused but very insecure trader. He always lacked the determination and ability to take risks. That is why, despite being very experienced, he was trading only on a cent account. Valery was eager to start real trading, but fear of losing and disappointment was holding him back. 

Our student knew about Horizon Trading in a very occasional way, having read a post on one of the forums. He was searching for a new strategy at the moment and our trading system Horizon seemed reliable to him.

Also at that time, we announced our new course for beginners. We based the course program on Horizon strategy, and Valery had no more doubts. Since then, his trading style changed forever. 

“I enrolled in this course because of the zero investments in the first place, can’t get any worse”, says Valery.

“And second, the course program itself looked very interesting: a 5 minutes search of entry points, a universal pattern and to know how to overclock a deposit. I thought this is my chance to begin “live” trading”.

The training process.

Lessons started in the middle of November. I watched the first 4 lessons all at once, everything was very simple and clear. I immediately started training on the demo account. We studied candle patterns, and I tried to copy them in my terminal right after the lesson. I was sitting and building levels. So, I got involved in the process. After the 5th lesson, I decided to train on a cent account. After 40 minutes in front of the monitor, I closed trading with profit, hardly the first time ever!

Now I’m looking for a broker to open my first real account. All this is due to the beginners' course. Maybe I’ll continue to study at the Forex Academy because you shouldn’t stop in trading, you should always self develop and learn something new.

There are some of my deals that I closed according to Horizon pattern:


The logic of a first entry point was based on a forming of the imbalance level, this is the main pattern showing a struggle between supply and demand. A second entry point is a real breakdown level.
An entry point at the real breakdown level and later price consolidation.

What’s good about this course?

Let’s list the main points:

  • Absolutely free. There are no special terms and opening a “right” broker account.
  • Simple. Everything was clear, with no complicated terms.
  • A universal trading pattern. It really suits all time frames and currency pairs.
  • Ready-made templates. I installed them on my terminal and I’m closing deals two times faster now.

Horizon helped Valery to believe in himself and open a real account. We hope that he’ll work it out and with him all the best! If this story is about you too or you have another “stubborn” problem, come to us.