Greetings, my dear readers!

Today I will share a story that one of my best trainees told me. His name is Vyacheslav. He was studying at Forex Academy from April to June 2017 under my supervision.

We saw eye to eye immediately during our free trial session. Vyacheslav turned out to be an interesting and intelligent person. He had tried his skills at Forex before that, and his story helped me to understand his strengths and weaknesses as a trader.

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Before coming to our Academy, Vyacheslav had some experience in trading. Unfortunately, he only lost money.

Nevertheless, he was confident in his desire to learn. During our first Skype call, he said:

“Andrey, I totally realise that you can get nowhere without money, I’ve been self-employed and hired, but I could not earn the money I needed”.

The “salary” my boss pays me is barely enough to pay my bills and buy food. And sometimes it is delayed. Furthermore, a tax inspection came not long ago. Rumours are that the company is done for.

I don’t have any rich & famous relatives, and I don’t date a millionaire’s daughter. All I have is my knowledge and the desire to live a decent life. I’m ready to learn how to earn money. I’ll go an extra mile, but will succeed”.

You know why his words stuck in my head? Because I was in a similar situation long time ago, and I realised that it’s time for me to become the architect of my own destiny!

The most important part of training

I’ll be frank, Vyacheslav was a “problem” trainee. He had difficulties in understanding theory and “live” market analysis. But he had 2 important traits that helped him: determination and persistence.

He never hesitated to ask questions, if he didn’t understand something. He always did his homework. Although he made many mistakes, he worked hard.

He had “bad” trading experience and it was often holding him back. Nevertheless, from lesson to lesson he gradually “corrected” it and progressed as a trader.

Here I want to give a word of advice to those, who haven’t traded on real account. If you are choosing between trading without a coach or signing up for a training course, my advice is plain and simple: sign up for training!

I know that good training costs quite a lot, but it is a small fee for the skills and experience you acquire.

You can sign up for a free trial individual session with any of our traders, and you will experience the advantages of Forex trading personally under the supervision of a coach.

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Problems and solutions

“Practice makes perfect”. With every revision of the theory, Vyacheslav managed to comprehend it better. His “bad” habits were a much bigger problem.

The “worst” habit was switching his active trade to no-loss as soon as the broker allowed that. He “dragged” his stop after the price.

The strong side of Vyacheslav as a trader were his precise entries, which made 90-95% of trades profitable. But his trading manner only yielded 1-10 pips of profit. You can see it on the statement that Vyacheslav allowed us to publish.

Vyacheslav’s trading account statement (Click on this picture to zoom in)

His total profit from 15-20 trades was easily nullified by another “bad” habit of his. It was “sitting through” deep deposit drawdowns.

You can see it at the top of the statement.

Vyacheslav had a habit of entering the trade without limiting potential losses. He placed stop-loss only when the price trended as he expected, and immediately dragged this order to no-loss.

By the way, it is a common mistake among neophyte traders.

As our training continued, Vyacheslav gradually got rid of his bad trading habits. He began to place stop-loss immediately after entering the trade. He learned to grab 30-70 and more pips with one deal.

What Vyacheslav told me

Of course soon came the first cashouts. Vyacheslav was on cloud nine, although they were not big at first, only $50 and $200. But it was his “first money earned at Forex”.

These were his words, with special emphasis on “earned”. I couldn’t agree more. It wasn’t the sum, but the fact itself that mattered.

In half a year Vyacheslav completed his training with me, and now he gets several thousand of profit monthly. Thus, he got his entire training fee back in less than two months.

During our training, we became friends. Sometimes we chat and discuss various things. We talked again on Skype a week ago.

And that last talk inspired me to write this article.

Vyacheslav’s life has changed significantly in the course of 6 months. He managed to fully pay his loan that he took 2 years ago ahead of schedule. He left his job and found his vocation. He dedicates as much time as he needs to it – he doesn’t do it for the money.

He boasted that he went to the seaside with his wife and paid with the money he earned at “Forex”. They dreamt of it for several years!

Vyacheslav was very grateful. He said: “Training at Forex Academy was pivotal for my life”.

We believe that success and gratitude of our trainees is the best reward!

My thoughts on training fees

Sometimes we hear questions and suggestions like “Why does your training cost so much?”, “Why do you take a training fee?”, “Maybe you can teach me to trade first, and I’ll pay later”, “Will you give me a refund if I fail to learn to trade?”

Let’s imagine a situation. A person studies at a college or university and pays a fee. This money is much bigger than our individual training fee. We don’t include extra expenditures on transport or accommodation. And it takes several years to complete.

What do they get in the end? You know well that “a young graduate” with no working experience can only expect to get $500 a month at best! And in most cases there are no career or financial prospects.

After our individual training, you get one of the highly demanded qualifications – a currency trader. It allows you to get decent profit and the financial prospects are staggering. Recall Vyacheslav: he started with $200 of profit and in 6 months he managed to earn several thousand! And it was just the start.

My thoughts on free training are the followinge: we regularly organise events, contests that offer free training to winners, provide significant discounts. It concerns individual training as well.

From our experience, a person does not value things he got free. They skip classes, don’t do homework. Some individuals even complain after all that, saying that we didn’t teach them anything.

If a person is determined, he will definitely invest money into his skills and knowledge. Especially considering that they can earn all this money back during the training. This training is official, under contract and guarantees the doubling of a trainee’s deposit.

We don’t discuss the “training first, payment later” option. I have never heard of educational institutions or courses, where you can get knowledge and qualification first, and pay later.

I can’t even think of a shop, where you can say: “Could I take the bread today and pay for it next week? If I want to”.

Nevertheless, we provide discounts and special offers. You can ask our managers about them; just leave us your contacts via the link below.

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Our manager will contact you as soon as possible and tell you everything you want to know. Also he can sign you up for a free trial individual session with any of our traders.

About refunds: any individual training guarantees the doubling of your trading deposit. It means the money you pay will return to you. You will get it back during the training!

This will be your best investment, because you invest in your education, and the benefit will be much greater!


I want to address the traders who have completed individual training at our Academy.

If you are reading this article, please share your impressions from training with our coach-traders. Tell us about the results you achieved on the path of trading.

Wish you all the best and successful trading!