Training at our Forex Academy continues even after the training contract is formally fulfilled. During the training, a trainer and a trainee often become friends.

They keep in touch and communicate even after the training is complete. Our graduates tell us interesting stories, stories how trading changed their lives.

Here is the story of my trainee Dmitriy. He trained from March to April 2016. A friend of his, who completed individual result-aimed training, recommended Dmitriy to sign up for Forex Academy training.

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Dmitriy had a few hundred spare dollars and he was just seeking to get some extra money. He never imagined how training at Forex Academy would change his life.

Here’s the story Dmitriy told me about a month ago.

The story of Dmitriy

“Consider me old-fashioned, but I like reading real paper books. I like to do it outdoors, in a park or at a lake.

It was the middle of August. The weather forecast said it was going to be a sunny day. I took “The Master and Margarita” and went to the park. I was sitting and reading it for about an hour, it’s one of my favourate books.

Then a girl came up to me. She said “Hi” and asked what I was reading. She was surprised to see a young man reading a paper book in the park.

We started talking. I would like to share our talk.

-         Dmitriy, you read a lot, it is very rare today. I think it’s your professional attitude. Maybe you are a journalist?

I could have told her that I was an engineer. Instead, I replied:

-         My profession is a trader.

Tatiana (it was the girl’s name) expressed interest mixed with genuine confusion. ”

– Is there such a profession? Tell me about it. What do you do?

– I trade at currency market.

By Tatiana’s look, I saw my answer missed the target.

– What do you do exactly?

– At Forex I buy currency at one price and sell it at another and that margin is my profit.

That’s how I tried to explain Tatiana what trading is all about.

– I heard about Forex. It is very sophisticated! Did you learn to trade anywhere?

– Yes, I trained at Forex Academy.

– Really? Wow. At an Academy?  - Tatiana sounded a bit ironic. – I suppose it took years, didn’t it?

– No, I completed my training in less than two months. My classes lasted two hours a week.

– Are you kidding?! No one can learn anything useful in such a short period. You’re pulling my leg!

– Why should I? It’s up to you if you believe me or not.

We talked about 20 minutes about different things. I liked Tatiana very much. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to call each other.

Two days later Tatiana called me and offered to meet in a café.

– Your story intrigued me during our first encounter - she started. – I read about trading on the Internet. People say almost everyone loses money at Forex. But you said that you live off it. How is it possible?

– Quite possible – I replied. – Only those, who don’t put effort in it, lose money at Forex. Such people can’t earn any money. You may make 2-3 lucky deals, but if you want to get solid and regular profit, you need to learn. And you need to learn from those, who already know how to trade profitably at Forex.

– This is getting more and more interesting…

We spent an excellent evening. Of course, we didn’t talk only about trading. Turned out, we shared many hobbies and interests. We liked the same books, the same films, and the same music.

Two months later, I proposed to Tatiana and we married. The money for the wedding came from my Forex trades.

Today I earn much more that $400 a month. This money is quite enough for our family. We are expecting a baby and saving money for a flat.

I couldn’t have dreamed about it working at my previous work. Moreover: I can’t imagine how I would have provided for my wife and child.

The results I got after completing my training at Forex Academy were much better than I had expected. And I wish to say “Thank you!”

Our reply and congratulations

We are sincerely proud when our trainees are successful, and it’s not plain words. Their successes are ours as well.

Dmitriy allowed us to present his trading account statement, on which he learned to trade. And our comment to it.

Have you noticed anything looking at this statement? Overstaying losing positions – a typical mistake of a newbie.

Very often novice traders can’t place stop-losses for their open positions properly. If the price moves against them, they move their stops further and further from the price. The drawdown increases. And the larger this drawdown is, the more difficult it is for a trader to admit their mistake and close the red ink position.

The statement shows that Dmitriy made that mistake more than once when he began his training. After that he had to close his orders and lose 51 and 82 pips, although the initial risk was around 20-25 pips. Do not repeat that mistake!

Our traders can help you realise your trading problems even during the first free trial session. They can give you good advice on how to deal with them. If you want to sign up for a trial session, follow the link below.

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If our graduates are reading this article, please, share your impressions from our classes. Tell us about your trading results, if you faced any problems in your trading and if our coaches helped you.

Wish you all the best and profitable trades!