There are lots of myths and rumours surrounding intuitive trading. Some believe it is a waste of time that only leads to loss of money and deposit. Others say that intuitive trading is the apex of trading that takes years to master.

I don’t agree with either of these points of view. In this article, I will tell how I understand intuitive trading.

Read it to the end and you will learn about intuitive trading that can help you get profit at Forex.

My trainee is an example how you can master the intuitive trading. He grew from a total newbie to a professional trader.

His name is Alexander, he began his trading career with our free Horizon video training course.

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The story of Alexander

Actually, I didn’t tell you the whole truth: Alexander began his path of a profiting trader with our Horizon trading system. 6 months after he had completed Horizon training and had been his individual training with me, he confessed.

It turned out that before Alexander came across Horizon trading system, he had already tried his skills at Forex. He had been trading on a real account for about 2 years and lost over $5000 during that time.

Alexander traded small lots on his accounts and adhered to conservative money management. But as soon as he incurred a series of losses, he increased his lot. Sometimes he even resorted to “pig” trading and lost his entire deposit on a single trade, that the broker was forced to close with a margin call.

Alexander showed me the statement of one of his trading accounts and allowed me to share it with you.

Statement of Alexander’s trading account before he got to know about Forex Academy (click on the image to see the full statement)

Alexander allowed us to publish this statement on the following conditions.

- Show this statement to the people. If some still think that they don’t need to learn to trade, let them see what trading ignorance can lead to. Let me serve as an example and help people learn from my mistakes.

What changed after visiting Forex Academy
As I mentioned above, Alexander began his training at Forex Academy with the free Horizon video training course. Alexander couldn’t grasp everything he watched at once.

We have foreseen this situation. Every Wednesday we organise webinars specifically for those trainees, who study our free Horizon.

Anyone who downloaded our free video course can register for these webinars. At these webinars our traders will answer any questions about Horizon trading system. You will get professional answers to any of your questions online.

Sure, Alexander seized this opportunity. And he managed to resolve all the issues with our traders’ help.

Two weeks after he completed Horizon training course, Alexander signed up for an individual result-aimed training with me.

Alexander’s individual training

At the beginning of our individual training, I taught Alexander the basics of our new Horizon X trading system.

As Alexander had already learned Horizon system, he was able to master Horizon X techniques easily.

And then the most interesting part of the story began.

The major advantage of Horizon and Horizon X trading strategies is that there are no mathematical indicators. They both are based on the proper understanding of price movement.

As you acquire more experience trading by Horizon X, you will start “reading” the price movement intuitively.

In my years of coaching, I had trainees who achieved this level of proficiency during their individual training!

Many of them did not even need to mark the price levels or build graphic patterns in their terminals.

Alexander was one of such trainees.

Proper intuitive trading

In my opinion, it implies seeing the actions of market participants on a “clean” chart. Based on this vision, a trader can identify trade entries with high accuracy.

Apart from entries, a trader can accurately calculate the potential of the trade. With time and experience, the intuition will sharpen and improve.

We all know that the market is changeable. You need to constantly improve your trading skills to get sustainable profit.

If you have a well-developed skill of intuitive trading, you will be on the cutting edge of trading.

Emergence and growth of a trader

A novice trader can be compared to a year-old child, who is learning to walk. At first, the child falls a lot as he is trying to make his first steps. He grabs furniture, uses babywalks and keeps falling still.

But as time passes, the child acquires skills and experience. He walks more confidently and rarely falls. He doesn’t need babywalks anymore – he begins walking without side help.

And then the child starts running faster and faster. As a person grows, he has all the chances to even become an Olympic champion.

This is an illustration of how one becomes a trader.

First, a trader makes cautious steps in the market. Their stops trigger often, and they lose one deposit after another. He uses indicators and listens to “expert” opinions the same way a year-old child uses babywalks.

With time, his actions become more and more confident. He accumulates trading experience and doesn’t need indicators anymore. Nor they need opinions of “Forex experts”.

As a trader grows professionally, they need only a quick look at a clean chart to realise where the price will go. The number of trades and profit grow.

It all allows a trader to increase his or her trading lots significantly and trade using experience and intuition.

Who knows, maybe you can join the ranks of people like Warren Buffett and Jesse Livermore.

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Instead of conclusion

It all started with a free Horizon video course…

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