Larry Williams, one of the titans of stock trading once said: “Everyone wants to become a good trader”. I completely agree.

I can tell that trading (exchanging things) appeared together with the humankind. As centuries went by, trading evolved and took up new forms.

With the advent of the Internet, trading penetrated the virtual domain and became more comfortable and accessible. And certainly Forex also moved online. After that, lots of people rushed into this market and trading became a popular activity. All people come to Forex to get profit. But according to statistics, only a handful of them succeed. Overwhelming majority of “small” traders continue to lose their deposits today, as they did decades ago.

Why is that happening? It all sounds simple: you open an account, create a deposit and start trading by simply clicking “buy” and “sell”. But there are many traps and pitfalls beyond the veil of simplicity.

You should understand that Forex is a world driven by its own principles, laws, and rules. If you break them, it can have dire ramifications – you lose your money.

Importance of Forex coaching

A famous saying goes: “Want to be a baker – learn from the baker, want to be a hunter – learn from the hunter”. The same applies to trading: “Want to be a trader – learn from the trader”. Recall people like Bodo Shefer, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, who achieved brilliant results in the financial world. Each of them had a personal mentor, whom they mentioned in their books.

Would you like to have a mentor, who would guide you through the maze of Forex and teach you to get regular profit off it? Then follow the link below and leave you contacts.

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Our manager will contact you and tell you the details of individual training at Forex Academy.

Advantages of individual training at our Academy:

  1. Explaining complex things with simple words. We tell about complex and tricky market nuances simply and clearly. Our professional trader will spend all the necessary to explain that to you. Your previous skills and experience are irrelevant. 
  2. Face-to-Face. Face-to-Face training allows the coach-trader to see what kind of trader you can become. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and they manifest during trading. A person can perfectly enter a trade but tracks positions poorly, and gets poor results. Another has problems with entries, but he tracks his positions better. A third person has money management problems. The task of your coach is to enhance your strong sides and improve your weak ones.
  3. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. There are plenty of strategies and trading systems. And all of them are profitable. Then why not everyone gets profit? The answer is simple: not all strategies suit everyone. This aspect is rarely mentioned, but it is important. Often it takes the experience of a coach to find out what trading style, timeframes and periods suit you personally.
  4. The most important: we work officially and aim for results. We sign a training contract with every trainee. Our coach-trader teaches you until you achieve results. Our minimal goal is to double your deposit.

If you want to sign up for a free trial session with any of our traders, just leave us your e-mail below and our manager will contact you.

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The results of our trainees

A teacher’s talent and abilities are best demonstrated by their pupils. Vladimir and Stanislav, the trainees who completed individual training at Forex Academy, allowed us to present their account statements.

A real trading account statement of Stanislav Semenov
A real trading account statement of Vladimir Gudkov (Click on this picture to zoom in)

Trick of the Trade

In the beginning, every trader has to pay. Some traders pay the market, losing deposit after deposit and only getting disappointment and grudges in return. Other people invest in their education and financial acumen. In that case, the investment pays off quickly and manifold. You choose your own path yourself.

If traders, who completed individual training with any of our coaches, are reading this article, please, share your impressions from your classes. Tell us about your trading results as well.

Wish you all the best and profitable trading!