A man loves his work. He likes to go there. He likes what he does. But his job doesn’t bring him the money he needs to live a normal life and he has to seek extra work.

He does this work only for the money, and it drains him physically and mentally, not to mention the loss of time. Does this situation sound familiar?

This is the story of one of our trainees. His name is Evgeniy. He is a professional actor, works in a theatre in a small town.

“Acting doesn’t bring any money”

During the trial session, Evgeniy told me that theatre is his vocation and he can’t imagine his life without it.

- I’ve tried lots of jobs. I worked as a porter, waiter, transport conductor, salesman – I seized every opportunity to earn money without hesitation. Acting doesn’t bring any money. I just love it”.

That’s how our trial lesson started.

Evgeniy continued: “I realised that money can solve the majority of my life problems. It may sound beaten, but it’s true. Money is a good servant but a poor master. I am the living proof of that. Money provides the freedom of creativity, but they also can strip you of it completely”.

- I need a good source of money that won’t take away so much time and effort. Forex trading is an excellent choice!

Like many trainees, Evgeniy listened to a friend’s advice to learn about trading. He started with a free individual training with me. You also can sign up for it. Just leave an application below.

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Use your luck wisely

Evgeniy said that he wanted to sign up for group training. But then a “lucky strike” presented him the money for an individual lesson and a starting deposit. He never told me what happened, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was that Evgeniy used this chance wisely.

- I’ve been saving money to study at your Academy for 3 months. I considered group training, when your partner-broker pays for my training. I almost transferred the money to my deposit, when a lucky strike allowed me to sign up for an individual training.

- It is a big sum for me. But I know that your individual training eliminates the risk of losing money. I also know that we sign a contract that guarantees that I will double my trading deposit. Besides, individual training is way more efficient: I can study any issue or problem situation with my trainer.

Evgeniy as a trainee

Evgeniy was a good trainee. He always came on time, did his homework and walked an extra mile during his training. And he did it voluntarily.

He read the books he could find on our website and watched our free training videos. As a trainer, I admired his persistence and determination.

Evgeniy quickly learned the trading terminology and trading system rules. As with many newbies, his main problem was psychological. With my guidance, he got the proper attitude and understanding of the market.

Below I provide his trading account statement.

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Evgeniy's gratitude

Evgeniy completed his training at the end of last year. And a few days ago we received a letter from him. I give you the full contents of it.

“Dear Forex Academy!

I want to express my heartiest gratitude. With your help, I have learned to earn money. But that’s not all. I have also changed my attitude to money and its place in my life has changed.

I have made my first cashout recently. For the first time I had a romantic dinner with my girlfriend in a restaurant.

Thanks to you, I realised that earning money is an ordinary and simple thing. Now I don’t have to waste time to earn pocket change. I can devote my free time to pursue the things I like.

My special thanks go to my trainer, for his professionalism, patience, and the skills and knowledge I got from him.

Now I can dream and make plans, all thanks to you. I am sure that it is the start of a long road to large profits and decent life.

Yours sincerely and eternally grateful, Evgeniy”.

Such letters are the best rewards for our efforts.

Take your chances! Train at our Academy. And maybe yours will be the next story of success!

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