Some time ago, stock trading was considered a purely male business. But today more and more females of all ages engage in Forex currency trading. The number of females is also growing among our trainees. 5 years ago females accounted for only 1/12 of our trainees, but today they comprise 1/7 of our total number of students. I would like to tell you about one of our fair trainees.

Modern trading tendencies

I should say that there are more and more women among traders and the traders are becoming considerably younger. One of the reasons may be that Forex is becoming more available with each passing day. Today any person, who has extra $300-500 and Internet access can try his skills at Forex.

You still do not trade currencies? Then join the army of traders. Maybe you will be the next Forex millionaire. Maybe you will make a story of success among Forex Academy trainees.

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The protagonist of this article also began her training from a trial individual session. Her name is Tatiana.

The story of Tatiana

Tatiana is a professional economist. She signed up for training during her maternity leave. Here’s how we started our cooperation with her.

- As I don’t have to go to work, I have enough spare time at the moment. I want to make good use of it and seek opportunity to make extra money.

- Why have you chosen Forex?

- I considered many options: from coaching to online marketing. I settled with Forex. I have a small daughter, she’s under a year. She requires a lot of my attention and always needs me by her side. I know I can trade at Forex from home via the Internet, and I also can complete the training course at your Academy from home as well. That makes it a perfect choice for me. Moreover, I am MA in economics, so I think I can comprehend Forex properly!

Tatiana’s training

Tatiana wanted to learn how to earn money. It was her conscious choice and goal. She was never late for classes and always did her homework.

We made our individual training schedule very easily. As Tatiana didn’t have to go to work, she had a lot of free time during the day. We studied almost every day.

Due to that, Tatiana completed her training quite soon. She got the following trading results during her training.

Tatiana’s trading account statement

People often ask if they need any professional education to sign up for our training courses. Sometimes we joke that 4 years of primary school is quite enough. Actually, it is not much of a joke.

Essentially, some basic skills in maths, like adding and deducting, are enough for a successful start at Forex. We will teach you the rest!

Tatiana is a qualified economist. Is it an advantage? Sometimes it is. But there are trainees, whose education is more an obstacle than an advantage.

Tatiana was among those, whose qualification helped to learn to trade at Forex. Some traits of character, that are mostly associated with women, also helped her.

Girls and Forex

As I mentioned before, there is a growing number of females among our trainees. Statistics show that females trade better than males. Women are 3-4 times more likely to succeed in trading than men. And here’s why.

Firstly, girls and women are more cautious by nature. And cautiousness is a good quality for a trader. Usually, female traders don’t enter high-risk trades.

Secondly, females are very diligent trainees and trade by the rules. The most common mistakes among our trainees are risk mismanagement, trading without an entry, and misplacing fixed and delayed orders.

Experimenting and reinventing occurs more often at the beginning of the training. It is endemic among male trainees - females carefully follow our instructions. That is why they achieve good results quicker and with less effort.

I can give the following advice to our present and future trainees: avoid experimenting during your training! Our training courses have been tested and polished by years of real account trading. They are solid and profitable. Our traders can tell you more during free trial session.

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Another reason for female successes lies in the sphere of psychology. Girls are more resilient to stress, and it really helps in Forex trading.

Women react less emotionally to what happens at the market and on charts. They avoid reckless decisions during trading.


Girls and women comprise about 10% or our readers and subscribers. If you are one of them – this article is about you! You have all the chances to trade successfully and get profit at Forex. So don’t hesitate and sign up for our training and trial sessions!

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If any female traders who study or have already completed their training are reading this article, please share your impressions from the training. Tell our readers about your successful trades.

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