Horizon X strategy – Pattern #5 in the spotlight

Hello everyone! Horizon X strategy is the evolution of the original Horizon trading system. There are many changes in it, but the most important ones are the new entries that were introduced...

Horizon X Local Swing Levels

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The rule of Safe in Forex – increase your trading reliability

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The story of a skeptic who has become a professional trader

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Momentum levels in Forex trading

Horizon X is a very popular trading system and you can obtain the basic version for free. Forex Academy’s Horizon X is a modified version of the original Horizon. Nevertheless, the original... Read more

Sudden Trend Reverse Level – rules of marking and using in trade

This level is used in Horizon as an additional tool for entering a trade. Most market entries appear after chart reaction to ML and SML; Sudden Trend Reverse Levels (STRL) form less... Read more

Why Horizon strategy is good for everyone

Greetings fellow traders! If I tell you that Horizon TS is a unique trading system, it won’t be an exaggeration. Unlike the majority of other strategies, Horizon trading can provide sustainable profit... Read more

Why Horizon strategy is a perfect choice for newcomers

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How to trade profitably no matter what

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Don’t waste your first deposit – trade profitably from the start

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How to level up and increase your profit

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A troublesome story of a trader

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The difference between a newbie and a professional

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How Horizon will always bring profit

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