Questions about Horizon training course


What is Horizon?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

Horizon is an analytical trading system. It uses only the price movement and price levels to analyse the market. There are no sophisticated mathematical indicators or complex trading algorithms.


Which markets and trading instruments can Horizon trading strategy be applied to?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

Horizon is a one-size-fits-all trading strategy. You can apply it to any market or instrument: currency, raw materials, futures, indexes, cryptocurrency or CFDs.


How does Horizon trading strategy work?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

Horizon strategy is based on the core market law. It is the balance of supply & demand. When the balance is disrupted, the market rushes to restore it. Horizon allows a trader to see the levels of supply and demand on the price chart and use the imbalance to get profit during trading.


How complicated is Horizon trading strategy?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

Despite being all-embracing, Horizon is easy to learn. Any person can comprehend it, a child or a senior.


How profitable is this strategy?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

We have been teaching Horizon for over 5 years. The average income of our trainees for this period is 57% a month. During years of practice, we have perfected Horizon strategy. We are 100% certain of system’s efficiency and we share it for free now. You no longer need a coach to comprehend Horizon.


I can recall 7-8 Horizon versions. Are those all your trading strategies?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

As with anything valuable, Horizon TS bred lots of copycats and misinterpretations. That is why we warn you to be aware of frauds and fakes! We are the only place, where you can get a complete genuine Horizon training course.


What basic knowledge do I need to master Horizon trading strategy?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

Your starting knowledge does not matter at all. We have considered this aspect during the development of our training course. A PhD or a janitor can both successfully master it.


What do I get from studying Horizon?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

After you complete the Horizon training course, you will have a clear understanding of price movement. You will find market entries with high precision, and 8 out of 10 trades will be profitable. Horizon will help you join the 2-3% traders’ club, who get sustainable profit from currency market.


Can I get any help from you during my training?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

We organize weekly webinars for our Horizon trainees. During these webinars, our traders answer all your questions about Horizon trading system, help you analyse problematic situations and share their personal techniques that are not included into the basic training course.


How soon can I start getting profit?

Andrey Miklushevskiy

You can apply the knowledge you get from Horizon training course after the 3rd lesson. The first 3 lessons are already enough to get your first profit on a real account.