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Training fee:
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Trading results: Dmitriy
Trading period: 1 month
Trading statement: Vladimir Gudkov
Period: 1 month
Trading statement: Pinchuk Yan
Period: 4 months
Trading statement: Yevgeny Kravtsov
Period: 7 months
Trading statement: Alexander Yakunin
Period: 15 days
Trading statement: Sergei Ivonov
Period: 5 months
Trading statement: Stanislav Semenov
Period: 4 months


I have positive expectations. I traded delayed orders using your Horizon for beginners templates. I got 570 pips with 10 deals. Thank you! Please, tell me what is an ML (momentum level) and how do I mark it?


I can only think positively about Academy personnel. I studied “Horizon for beginners” with Andrey Miklushevskiy, indie with Yan Sikorskiy and I want to highlight their professionalism during the training. They explain every topic and answer all the questions in great details, and treat every trainee individually.


Many thanks for your efforts and explaining price action – that provided lots of trading opportunities. I always watch your trading videos and read the articles with great interest. I believe that a retest entry is the most reliable and profitable entry.


I had only 3 trades this week, but all of them profitable. My deposit increased by 27%. Thanks again for Horizon for beginners videos!


Now I read and listen to your analytics only and can’t wait for the next webinars. I want to thank every person at your Academy for the support and Horizon for beginners videos.  With respect, Istvan 
Yours is the first company, where you explain everything professionally and clearly. My greatest thanks go to your traders! 
With respect, Istvan

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Training fee:
599 $

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