Horizon Pro. What Markets can you trade on?


In this chapter, we’ll discuss what markets you can trade on with the Horizon trading system. I’ve said before that this system is built on finding big players, and these are present...


Horizon Pro. How can you learn the Horizon PRO system?

  Today we’ll be looking at how you can learn the Horizon trading system for yourself. When I was compiling this, I thought about what price we usually pay for knowledge. Apart from... Read more

Horizon PRO Results

Horizon Pro. Results

The advantages listed in the last chapter are all good and well, but they aren’t much without some proof, so here it is. Here are some of our student’s results, some traded... Read more


Horizon Pro. Advantages

From All the features of this system the we’ve discussed, a list of advantages becomes apparent. First off, It’s universal It’s built on finding big player, and big players exist in every... Read more


Horizon Pro. What is it Based on?

Here we’ll look at what horizon is based on. The main Idea is finding supply and demand imbalance points. What is an Imbalance? Well, let’s look at how the market works -... Read more


Horizon Pro. Why Horizon?

Hello there, in this chapter, we’ll talk about why the system is called horizon. When you hear the word horizon, you’re likely thinking of the place where the sky meets the earth.... Read more


Horizon For Beginners. Lesson 5

Hello there, this is our last lesson and I hope you put all this information to good use. Today we’ll be practicing all we’ve learnt over this course, and I’ll show you... Read more


Horizon For Beginners. Lesson 4

Greetings, today we’ll be discussing risk management. Last lesson we learned what you do to make money. This lesson, we’ll learn how to keep it in your pocket, as opposed to losing... Read more


Horizon For Beginners. Lesson 3

  Hello, today we’ll be talking about entry points. Entry points are probably the most important part of trading, and good entry points let you enter the market with a good risk/reward ratio... Read more


Horizon For Beginners. Lesson 2

Hello there, today we’ll continue our course with important levels. In my experience, people tend to clutter their charts with lots of levels and ranges and other crap, which generally doesn’t work.... Read more


Horizon For Beginners. Lesson 1

  Hey guys, today I want to introduce you to our new course – horizon for beginners. Generally, when someone starts learning how to trade, they look up a lot of unnecessary info,... Read more

How to start learning and trade on a real account?

Hello, friends! This article is for you if you are new to trading and don’t know where to start. Today we’ll tell you the story of our student who has finished our... Read more

Who is a Trader?

My name is Marek Hawk and I am a professional trader of Horizon Trading Team. In today’s article, I write about general topic, however, even more entertaining one. Who is a trader?... Read more

What Is Forex?

Although it might seem easy to invest in Forex nowadays, by just logging into an account with a broker, deposit some money and start actively trading; it has not always been like... Read more

Month, Week and Day Trading Strategies

My name is Marek Hawk and I am a professional trader of Horizon Trading Team. In today’s article, I will show you how I approach different timeframes with combined strategies which helped... Read more